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The World’s First JTN HPV Interference Tablets Invented By EZZ of New Zealand

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The World’s First JTN HPV Interference Tablets Invented By EZZ of New Zealand

September 15
07:01 2020

New Zealand gene technology brand EZZ, after the invention of the world’s first third generation NMN, has produced a novel epoch-making product. Recently, EZZ of New Zealand officially announced the completion of the research and development of JTN HPV interference tablets. And based on gene technology, it can rapidly improve the body’s immunity and resistance, and lead the HPV prevention and control into the “oral” era with 97% effective rate.

According to research, today, HPV has become the biggest killer of women’s health. Also, data from the World Health Organization are as follows: there are 600000 new cases of cervical cancer in the world every year, and half of them die because they are treated too late. In addition, HPV is the main culprit of cervical cancer. More than 80% of women will inevitably be infected with HPV in their life. After being transformed into cancer, 84% of them may relapse.

Industry insiders said as follows: nowadays, although the prevention and treatment of HPV mainly depends on injection vaccine, the common HPV vaccine can not prevent all HPVs. Even the most advanced 9-in-1 HPV vaccine on the market can only prevent 7 kinds of HPVs, and 14 kinds of high-risk HPVs are easy to cause cervical cancer. At present, more than 130 kinds of HPVs have been identified clinically, and the market needs more “broad-spectrum” HPV prevention and treatment methods.

Dr. John Taylor, who graduated from Harvard University, is the HPV project director of the New Zealand genetic research center, specializing in HPV research. When talking about the research and development process of EZZ JTN HPV interference tablets, he told reporters as follows: if we want to completely eliminate HPV and avoid recurrence, there is only one way, that is to take targeted methods to improve human immunity against HPV. As a result, the New Zealand genetic research center and the genetic research center of Auckland University of Technology carried out joint research, and finally solved this historical problem. And they first created a 9-degree compound formula for HPV and used gene therapy to “target” the human immune system against HPV.

“EZZ JTN HPV interference tables have many advantages over HPV vaccination,” Dr. John Taylor said. First, the effect is more comprehensive. Clinical trials have proved that the effective rate of EZZ JTN HPV interference tablets against HPV is as high as 97%, which is far more than the existing HPV vaccine. Second, it is safer. Traditional HPV vaccine belongs to “plug-in immunity”, and the effect and adverse reactions are related to the patient’s constitution. EZZ uses pure natural ingredients combined with gene absorption technology which EZZ is proud of, which can not only stimulate the human body to produce “immune programming” against virus, but also has lower treatment risk. Third, the treatment is more thorough. In view of the fact that traditional HPV infection is easy to recur, EZZ can use gene bionic cell algorithm after removing HPV to help patients establish a system of “early warning, targeted locking and targeted clearance” for HPV, so as to enhance the function of neutrophils and strongly defend against virus invasion.

Finally, reporters also learned that this revolutionary achievement will be officially launched in the world soon, which will benefit the women who are troubled by HPV.

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